If you’ve read the other emails I’ve sent out this weekend, you’ll know I’ve been on a course in Newcastle.


One of the guys who took it was Dax Moy.


Dax is the world’s most expensive personal trainer.


If you want to go on his Personal Trainer Elite programme it will cost you £17,000 for a week of his time.


No joke.


There’s link later in the email, so you can check him out.


Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend that much to spend a couple of days learning from him 🙂


The most mind-blowing part of the weekend happened about two hours ago.


Dax asked for a volunteer who had back or neck pain so he could demonstrate some of his methods on stage.


I’ve been looking at some of Dax’s programmes where he teaches his super-advanced methods for a while now.


I’d heard about some of the “witch craft” skills.


Where he could make major changes to people’s flexibility, pain levels and so on with simple drills that’s address the root cause of the problems – brain function.


I realised a few years ago that EVERYTHING that happens to us is a function of what goes on in our brain and its interpretation of the signals it receives.


And pain is no different.


So, I’d made sure I was in a good seat.


And when he asked for a volunteer, I leapt from it like a whippet from a trap 😉


Dax did a basic assessment on my range of motion and pain levels.


Then got me to move my eyes around while he monitored them.


Then got me to perform a basic, but very precise, eye movement drill.


The pain dropped dramatically and my range of motion improved noticeably.


People in the room gasped.


I heard a couple of WTFs 😉


I’m currently sat on the train home, in less pain than I’ve been in 10 years (the hundreds of matches and thousands of bumps have taken their toll on my body).


I’ve had countless sessions of physiotherapy, sports massage, chiropractic treatment and much more over the years.


Hell, 3 weeks ago I had a FMRI scan at Macc hospital.


You know – the one where they stick you in that big tube and scan you for 8 minutes to see what’s going on inside.


Nothing has ever caused such a dramatic change in my pain levels.




As Dax pointed out, its stuff like that that is why he can command and receive such fees.




It’s got me thinking about the whole ‘cost’ thing.


I appreciate that RISE costs more than joining a gym, class or bootcamp.


But I’ve always felt what we provided was worth it.


Just as what Dax provides is worth every penny of his fees for the people who go to him.


‘Expensive’ is an often miss-used term.


The most expensive anything is not necessarily the one that costs the most.


But the one that delivers least value for money.


A 50 grand tent would be mental expensive.


A 60 grand house mega cheap.


Both in the same basic category, but worlds apart in terms of what you get.


So the most expensive gym, class, personal trainer, diet, etc is the one that produces the least results for the investment.


A £30 a month gym membership is expensive if you actually gain weight whilst a member.


A ‘£5 a session bootcamp / class instructor or a £15 pay per session ‘Personal Trainer’ (and I use the term veeeerrrryyyy loosely if that’s what they value themselves at) is expensive if s/he doesn’t get you any results.


Or worse, injures you.


A pay as you go slimming club that doesn’t support you in changing your habits so you end up gaining even more weight long term is super-expensive.




It’s really clarified to me that the transformation coaching we give at RISE is fantastic value.


For the results our guys get versus the investment they make, I genuinely don’t think there is anything better in the industry.


You’ll hear tomorrow how Adele from Buxton is getting on.


You remember – the one who wants to get in the shape of the powerful super heroes of her youth.


And how she’s encountered her own ‘Lex Luther’ at work!!!!!


Much love,


Jon ‘Already booked on Dax’s witch-craft course’ Hall


P.S. Here’s the website for the ‘Personal Trainer Elite’ programme if anyone fancies it 😉


P.P.S. If you’re interested, he was the ‘one who stabbed his Dad though the heart when he was 15’ one from yesterday’s email.


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