You’re having a chat to a friend or, maybe, your partner.


They missed work today.


“A naughty train took me to the wrong place. I ended up in Devon” they say.


“You just got on the wrong train” is your understandable reply.




We’ve mentioned before about how “your words drive your thoughts which drive your actions which drive your results”.


And how certain terms in your vocabulary can set you up for failure.


How we don’t use the word ‘diet’ as it drives thoughts of ‘temporary’, ‘short term’, ‘restrictive’ and so on.


And consequent actions and results.


We also don’t like to think of foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


Or ‘naughty’.

Because, for most people it feeds into this whole concept of good being boring and bad / naughty being fun.


Remember the last time someone told you how they’d “been a bit naughty”.


I bet they had a miscevioush little grin on their face, no?


Food is are just foods.


Neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’.


However certain ways of eating will take your body in one direction.


Making it slimmer, healthier, etc.


Other ways of eating will take it the opposite way.


Making it fatter, sicker, etc.


Or you can stay where you are.


They are the three options.


You can stay on the platform.


Take a train to the wrong destination.


Or get on a number of different trains going towards your desired destination.


Some might take more scenic routes.


Go at different speeds.


That’s all cool.


But, I promise you, if you drop the ideas of good and bad / naughty………


You’ll find it much easier to be on one of the trains that’s going where you want to go 🙂


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