So, it’s my Step Daughter Izzie’s 7th birthday today.


We had her birthday party at RISE yesterday.


Partly to save a little money while Alex is on maternity leave.


And partly because I’m kind hoping at least one of the school mums will join having seen our hundreds of transformation pictures on the walls 😉


Alex has bought all the stuff we needed on the internet.


A limbo stick, a pinata, table clothes, cutlery, plates, etc.


The tablewear came in packs.


Each pack had 12 plates, 14 bowls and 16 knives and forks.


There were 16 kids there.


So we had to order two packs.


No biggie as they were fairly cheap.


But just seemed a bit of a daft way to do it.


Always going to create wastage.


You’re always going to have to have more of some things than you need to get enough of other things.


It’s what can happen with a poor diet.


The body had certain requirements.


Certain amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, etc that it needs to function.


And if a diet is low in these, the brain can tell you to keep eating as the body is still short on what it needs.


Part of the problem with the UK standard diet is that it’s fairly high in ’empty calories’.


Energy with very little other good stuff in there.


So we need to eat a lot of that the get enough good stuff.


And all those empty calories have to go somewhere.


Can’t create or destroy energy and all that.


Worth remembering when making food choices.


You can eat for taste, convenience AND to get the nutrition the body needs (check if you’re struggling with how to do that) 🙂

Much love,


Jon ‘Had this idea for a blog for months but couldn’t think of a way to put it across till I counted the cutlery’ Hall and Matt ‘Awesome weekend at a powerlifting comp’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall

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