There was Peppa Pig above my head to stop him crying

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The November before last (not December, that’s how we roll in my house) I posted a picture on Facebook of my kids in front of our Christmas Tree.

—————— Note: This image and blog idea have been sat in my notes for over a year. Better make it good! —————-

I stick one up every year after we’ve put our tree up.

Partly for others to see and partly as I like getting them in TimeHops in future years.

They’re all lovely pictures – very happy family, idyllic looking.

But, this one particularly, was very stage managed.

All the rubbish all over the floor was pushed to one side.

It was cropped to remove some of the stuff I couldn’t get out of shot.

And, by the time we’d finished, it was past little Charlie’s bed time.

So, when I ask them to pose for a photo, he flings himself on the floor and starts bawling.

The only way I was able to get him to stop and to stand there was to play Peppa Pig on an iPad that I’m holding above my head as I take this photo.

I actually took dozens and this was about the only one where he didn’t look thoroughly miserable on it.

The year before was a similar story and Izzie was in a bad mood and had to be cajoled (threatened) into the photo.

If you flick back through them, there’s always a least one child who doesn’t really look like they want to be there.

Things always look better on Facebook, don’t they?

It’s a highlights only, stage managed version of our lives.

Instagram even more so.

Social media can be great tool for communication.

But it can also make us feel pretty rubbish.

Constantly comparing other people’s ‘highlight reels’ to our own ‘behind the scenes’.

And I get that us FitPros can be the worst for this sometimes.

Constantly pushing our success stories.

Talking about how our programmes can make you “look and feel amazing” when we don’t always look and feel amazing ourselves.

And neither do our clients.

And that’s fine.

When that’s our expectation, we’re only setting ourselves up for failure.

What we can do though, is to make things a little better, on average.

And, perhaps, at some point, move that new average up a bit (clicking this link is how every one of our success stories started that moving up of their ‘average’ –>ย

And so on.

They’ll be peaks and troughs within that.

Times we feel good.

Awful times.

And everything inbetween.

We can’t feel great all the time.

Life isn’t like social media.


We can do the things that will make it a little better each time.

The better food choices.


A bit more water and, perhaps, a bit less caffeine and / or alcohol.

A touch more sleep.

You won’t look or feel any different after one of them.

But keep doing them and look back in a year’s time?

Won’t be ‘amazing’.

But, it’ll be better.

And that’s enough ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,

Jon ‘George’ Hall and Matt ‘Danny’ Nicholson

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