I’ve mentioned a few times before……..

How lucky we are to not regularly face the challenging situation that many of you face regularly……..
Where work colleagues bring cakes, chocolates, biscuits and other ‘treats’.
And they are ‘there.
Constantly tempting you!
My only similar experience is on a Thursday afternoon.
When I volunteer in my two sons’ school.
And there’s plenty of that going on in the staff room.
The other week there was a box or two of Cadbury’s Fingers on the go.
One of the TAs took a couple.
“25 calories each they are.”
“Sad that I know that, but you’ve got to, haven’t you?”
She then reeled off the calorie content of a number of the other items on the table.
With all the respect in the world, as she’s a lovely lady, she’s not winning her battle with her weight.
The calorie counting approach doesn’t seem to be working for her.
As it so very rarely does.
People often read a little bit of our stuff and think that we think that ‘calories don’t count’.
That you could eat as much a humanly possible of the sort of stuff we recommend……..
And not gain weight.
Which isn’t the case, of course.
Calories do count.
We just don’t like to count calories.
By which we mean continue eating shite and just try to eat less……..
Or move more.
I could count the number of people I’ve met…….
Who’ve successfully lost……..
And kept off……….
Weight just by restricting clarifies or burning more……….
On well, no hands.
Not saying it can’t work.
But it so very rarely seems to.
Changing the type of foods you eat.
Challenging restrictive mindsets.
Working on unhelpful habits.
Retraining our thought processes.
Learning how to train effectively.
Doesn’t always work.
But it does work in a vastly higher percentage of cases from our experience.
An infinitely higher proportion if I’m being honest.
Divide by zero and all that jazz!
So, if your weight, health, fitness, etc isn’t going in the direction you like……..
Then the above things (cough## What we do ## cough –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting) might be a good starting place for an infinitely better chance of success.
Much love,
Jon ‘Millions of calories’ Hall and Matt ’25 when we set up RISE’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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