There’s no point going to work if you’re going to come back

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Imagine you’re chatting to a friend.

About your work situation.

You tell them how it works for you.

“I go to an office 9 to 5” you might say.

Or explain your working from home hours.

Or some other arrangement.

And how you have a certain number of weeks per year that you don’t need to work (holidays).

And weekends (or other days) off of course.

And that you intend to retire at, let’s say, 68.

“There’s no point doing that” they begin to respond.

“It needs to be something you can do consistently, every day, for the rest of your life”

“What?” you, understandably, ask.

“All that stopping and starting. You need to make it a lifestyle you can do all the time”.

“What’s the point earning money sometimes and not others?”

You try to explain that you don’t want to work every day.

And the amount that you do work is sufficient to make the overall average of the week work.

Your income is enough to fund your life and you’re happy with it.

You’d, understandably, think your friend was crackers.

But it’s quite a common train of thought that we need to do the equivalent with our eating an exercise.

Only do what we can do consistently for the rest of our lives.

Even though at times we feel we can do more.

Whilst we might intend to average three workouts a week……….

Some weeks we might be able to get four or five in.

And keeping it to that three doesn’t make sense when they’ll probably be weeks we can only do one or two.

Same with our eating.

Average calorie deficit / maintenance is what will lose / maintain our weight.

If some days / weeks / months we’re ok with going lower, then why would we “eat up” to a higher number………..

When we could use it to average out the days / weeks (hopefully not months) that we go over.

It’s another example of ‘black or white’ thinking.

We have to do it “this way”.

And when we won’t / can’t / don’t it all falls apart.

Speeding up and slowing down as circumstance dictates is fine.

It’s the average of what we do that’s key.

Periods of faster progress are fine……….

As long as we don’t use that as a justification to go to the opposite end of the spectrum when we won’t / can’t keep up that pace.

Much love,

Jon ‘Dolly Parton’ Hall

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