While we’re on the topic of the body’s calorie requirements (see yesterday’s blog)………..


There’s tonnes of research into the effect that weight loss has on someone metabolism that you might be interested in.


Metabolism is just another way of saying Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).


How many calories the body needs each day just to keep it going.


Before adding in any requirements for movement, etc.


So if someone has what you might consider a ‘better metabolism’ that just means their BMR is higher.


Ie: They use more calories by use being alive than another person does.


This is often down to their size.


A 6 foot, 15 stone man will, obviously, use considerably more energy just being alive than a 5 foot, 8 stone woman would be.


But, it is true that if you take someone who has lost weight and compare them to a weight matched person who’s always been that weight……….


They will have a lower BMR.


Eg: A 12 stone woman who was 15 stone will need less calories than a woman who’s always been 12 stone.


This is mostly down to the slight differences in body composition of these two people


The weight loss person will, on average, have lower lean mass, more loose skin, etc.




This difference is only in the magnitude of around 100 calories.


Always 12 stone person needs about 100 calories more than formerly 15 stone person.


Or, in another way of looking at it, if formerly 15 stone person ate 100 calories less per day than 12 stone person, their weights would stay the same.


100 calories isn’t much is it?


A couple of slices of bread.


A quarter of a Starbuck’s muffin.


A small latte.


So, we get that it’s annoying that, having lost weight, you’re left with a ‘worse metabolism’.


I have the same – I used to be fat, remember.


But we can either lament it……….


Or just have that couple of slices of bread (or equivalent) less……….


And get what we want 🙂


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Much love,


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