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I talked yesterday about why people might say to you that you “can’t do” something.

That’s it’s their thing.

And that you, probably, can do that thing.

But it’s ok not to.

And you might, instead, choose to do some other, more doable version of it.

Today I’m going to talk about what’s happening when you feel people don’t believe in you.

When you tell them of your plans and they, essentially, shoot them down.

Or you can see them smiling and nodding.

But can tell, behind their eyes, that they don’t believe you’ll do it for second.

Or that they then don’t support you in your attempts to do it.

There’s usually a mixture of things at play here.

There’s their own beliefs about what is and isn’t possible or what “we should or shouldn’t do”.

And there’s their own challenges with what’s going on in their lives.

But, and this can be a hard pill to swallow,…………….

It might be, at least in part, contributed to by………….

Us having not done what we said we would do in the past.

Imagine if every thing we had ever told that person that we would do…………….

We then did in exactly the way we said we would.

Would they respond to our current plans in the same way they do now.

It can be a viscous circle.

We don’t do what we said we would………..

People believe we’ll do what we say we will less…………

Their reaction makes us question ourselves…………..

Their reduced support and help makes it less likely we’ll manage it………….

And we don’t do what we said we would.

Each time, perhaps, the slope getting a little slippier.

And, as with many things in life, the only way to ‘undo’ this is the opposite.

Doing what we said we would.

Imagine if we did every single thing we said we would in 2022.

How might they respond to our proclamations of what we intend to do this time next year?

We can’t directly control their side of their response to our plans and the support and belief that brings.

But we can control our side of that.

By doing what we said we would.

And there’s two ways we can approach that.

Or, as always, likely to be a mixture of the two.

1. Be more tactical with what we say we will do.

Tell people every January that you’re going to work out five times a week and lose X amount of weight?

Could we just say we’re going to workout one or more times per week?

Have great plans for what’s going to happen at work or in business?

But they usually don’t?

Then what’s a version of that that you feel is definitely doable and could set as the intention and, hopefully, over achieve on?

Always running late and telling people you’ll change?

Could you just give times you can definitely make?

And so on.

It doesn’t mean a lowering of standards.

If aiming higher works for us, then that’s great.

If it doesn’t, could we aim a little lower and definitely do that?

2. Just do what we said we would

Once you’ve said you’re going to do it, just do it.

If the plan was well set, execute it.

If it wasn’t, learn from that next time.

What would life look like if “not doing it” wasn’t an option?

Imagine if next time you didn’t do what you said you would, someone you care about would drop down dead.

A bit extreme you might think.

But “a bit extreme” can often help us ask better questions.

Would you tell them you’d miss them and do your goodbyes?

Or would you then do everything you said you would……………

Through some combination of;

– Being tactical with what you say you’ll do

– Putting thought and plans into how you’ll make those thing happens, scheduling what needs to be done and being protective of that plan

– Just doing it, no matter how you feel about doing it at the time

If people don’t believe in us, all we can control is our side of that.

By doing what we said we would.

Much love,

Jon ‘Do it like they do on The Discovery Channel’ Hall

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