A further flick through 1985 films on Google hasn’t bought up any particular ideas.

But I did remember something else about Back to the Future.

The second and third films were filmed at the same time.

And then released in 1989 and 1990.

Because it is, of course, easier and cheaper to produce two films at the same time.

You’ve already got everybody and everything that you need there, you just need to shoot twice as many scenes.

Much of the setup or additional time required is the same or maybe a little more, but not double.

A bit like batch cooking.

Batch cooking is something that people often switch off to.

Thinking it means cooking 21 super bland meals at the same time and putting them into Tupperware for the coming week.

And whilst that is one method of doing it, it’s only one method.

It might just be cooking a bigger portion of something whilst you’re already making it and leaving half for tomorrow.

Or making all your lunches for work for the coming week on a Sunday evening.

Oh really any method of food prep where you do more than one meal for a saving of time (and potentially money).

Because it’s usually, in part, to save one or both of those resources that leads to us making less good food choices.

We get to Hungry O Clock and want something quick and reasonably priced.

And often the most convenient options aren’t great.

If we’ve already sourced or prepped it, then that will be what we have.

Ultimately, if part of the reason that you’re having something that isn’t going to help create an average that takes you toward your goals………

Is that it is the quickest and most convenient option at that point……..

Then some version of batch cooking or prepping will probably benefit you.

Much love,

Jon ‘Great Scott’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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