Today is the start of the new phase down at RISE.


Assessments been done.


November – December challengers hitting their targets in spite of Christmas.


New folks in for their first day.


After the 7am session I was sticking up the photos of the new ninjas on the family tree.


And taking down the pictures of those that left at the end of December.


A couple of members were still hanging around and asked me why those that had left did so.


A couple were genuine, unavoidable reasons.


Relocation, change in work situation, etc.


But most were some variation on the reason most people leave.


“They just, kinda, gave up!”


It may not be the official reason people give when they stop.


But for many it is the long and short of it.


After good early progress, they’ve leveled off.


Maybe gone a bit backwards.


Other commitments start to be allowed to get in the way.


Nothing has really changed commitment wise, but the focus to prioritise has waned.


Old habits can slowly reappear.


Ultimately, no real reason.


Just, essentially, an unwillingness to do what needs to be done to make that continued progress.


Again, very rarely do people realise that’s the case.


We’ve been taught since birth to give ‘justifications’ as to why we aren’t doing something.


To blame factors beyond our control.


Saying “I’m thinking about giving up because I’ve stopped making progress because I’ve just stopped doing what I promised I would for no real reason” is hard isn’t it?


It’s empowering though.


Imagine if we all did say that.


If we took full responsibility for everything that ever happens to us.



Imagine the difference that would make to our results.


Some won’t like us saying this.


The truth hurts sometimes.


And, remember, we’re no better than anyone else.


We’ve allowed ourselves to justify our own actions or inactions many times, before we’ve realised what’s happening.


So, next time you feel like giving up on something, take a moment.


Decide if the problem is really insurmountable.


Are you, potentially, just about to give up?


If you are and that’s what you want to do, then that’s cool.


Who are we to tell you what to do?


But, is that really, really, what you want?



Much love,


Jon ‘Loved Star Wars so much’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too’ Nicholson


P.S. There’ll be some lessons from Star Wars in tomorrow’s blog. No spoilers though.


P.P.S. Spaces are going fast for the briefing meeting at the end of Jan. Unless you fancy signing up for another year at a normal gym and wasting your money, then you might like to check this out –

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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