They just needed to use it the least

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When people start with us, they normally go through a number of mental shifts.

Mindset changes.

Adjustments in the way they see things.

If I had to pick one mindset shift that made the biggest difference………….

It would be this.

It’s not about willpower.

When people first start they often comment that they just need more willpower.

Or that others seem to have more than them.

When what has often happened with people who appear to have more willpower………..

Is that they have had to use it less.

Willpower suggest we’re forcing ourselves to do something we don’t really want to do.

Or to not do something we do want to.

And that can work.

To a point.

Willpower is a finite resource.

It runs out.

For everyone.

Maybe some do have larger or smaller reserves.

I don’t know.

But the less we have to dip into those reserves………….

The longer they will last.

When we change the way we view what is, essentially, the same thing, we can change how hard we find to do it.

Take these examples:

“I’m going to cut out sweet things and alcohol”


“I care about what I put in my mouth because of how it makes me look and feel”.


“I really should do some exercise”


“I workout because I feel better for it and do a better job at things that are important to me”.

You get the idea.

Anytime we approach something with a view to using willpower, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

Find a way to view the same thing in a way you do want to do.

Because it ties in with things you value.

Achieve success not by using willpower the most…………..

But by using it the least!

Much love,

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