I mentioned the other week that I did two course while my kids were away.
The second, at the weekend, was on ‘Coaching’.
Not fitness coaching specifically.
Just general coaching.
It was a free, entry level course so there was nothing I hadn’t seen before.
I mainly did it as I had a rare free weekend.
And it was the only course on I could fit in.
But I still got a few nice reminders, little tweaks, other points of view, etc.
Definitely worth the time.
Because it was free and entry level, there was a wide mixture of people on it.
Some who were already coaching in some way and looking to improve their skills.
Others who had never done any, and wanted to see if it was for them.
During the first session the lady running it expanded what we’d be doing.
Amongst that she explained that, as part often second session, we’d all have a go at coaching someone else.
Using what they’d covered that morning.
Then do the same at the end of the second day.
And see how we’d improved.
The three ladies sat in front of me all looked at each other, with panicked looks on their faces.
Then quickly collected their things and left.
Now, I get it.
I know doing new things can be scary.
I realise that this was probably way outside of their comfort zone.
But ultimately, this was something they wanted to do.
And getting out of their comfort zone and trying it was something they would have to do at some point.
It might not have been for them, but to give up without even trying?
It’s like people giving up on health / fitness / weight loss programme without actually giving it a go.
We get that it isn’t easy.
And it can be intimidating.
That’s why the deposit system on our challenges works so well.
When we first opened and had a free challenge…….
We had people sign up and never turn up.
People do a few sessions and stop coming.
Get a bit sore and be put off.
Be confused by all the differences in what we do to what they’d tried before.
Not look or feel any different after a week.
And end up just kind of fading off the programme.
A free challenge often ends up giving people just the right amount to put people off.
Like telling a group of new people that they’d be coaching later when they knew nothing about it.
The deposit system is set up to help people get past that difficult bit.
With that ‘skin in the game’ they stick to it past that point.
After 8 weeks they’ve got their head around the changes.
They’re not as sore as that first week.
They look and feel considerably different (over 20lbs in nearly all the cases).
And they’re set up for continued success.
And they get their deposit back – everyone’s happy 🙂
So, if you’re not getting the results that you like, then maybe put some skin in the game?
If you’re not a member with us, you might like to click this link –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.
If you’ve already done one of our challenges and have levelled off…….
You could jump on another challenge.
Or make a little wager with friends or family or us.
A reverse wager with www.stickk.com, maybe?
Something to get your focus.
To get you back on the right path 🙂
Much love,
Jon ‘Walks like an Egyptian’ Hall and Matt ‘Walking Milo’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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