So, the family and I went to Sheffield yesterday to catch a bit of Tour De France action.


‘Twas a good day.


We positioned ourselves at the top of Jenkin Road – the steepest road in Sheffield / The World.


Rather fatiguing it was to walk up it.


Our thinking was that we’d get a good amount of time to see the riders as they crawled up the 30% incline.


However, they zoomed past us faster than someone should really be able to cycle up such an incline.


Fit those boys are.


But more than anything you could see just how hard they were trying.


Faces contorted in pain.


Sweat pouring off them.


They really we’re giving it their all.


No holding anything back.




It’s easy to imagine that.


After all it’s the world’s biggest cycle race.


The pinnacle of their year.


What they’ve prepared for all year.


It’s easy though to forget all the countless hours of practice they’ll have put in.


The thousands of hours out on the bike.


On such hills.


Still giving it their all.


But I doubt they’ll regret a second of it.


I’ve never heard anyone say after a workout “I wish I’d taken it a bit easier”.


If you’re going to do some exercise, you may as well give it your all.


You’ll never get chance to re-do it.


So – next time you’re exercising, imagine it’s the Tour De France.


You’re on that gruelling hill climb.


It’s time to dig deep.


Find that little bit extra inside you.


Don’t get pipped at the post – give it your all.


Remember – “Pain is temporary, pride lasts forever”.


Much love,


Jon ‘Bicycle Race’ Hall and Matt ‘Innuendo’ Nicholson


P.S. Slightly more obscure – so 15 points for those middle names 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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