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I posted a question in our Members Only Facebook group the other week.


Asking people if they thought that they were more able to make better food, exercises and life style choices if;


A Their energy levels and mood were higher


B Their energy levels and mood were lower


C No difference


##### I’ve had to stop putting a close bracket – ) – after a B option as Facebook turns it into a smiley, shades wearing emoticon ######


No one went for C.


A couple for B, with the explanation that when they felt less good it encouraged them to do stuff to make them feel better.


Which I get.


But the overwhelming majority went for A.


Which I expected.


Because I find the same.


Energy and Weight Loss


Four kids who are / were poor sleepers has taught me that.


I’ve been fairly permanently tired since Charlie was born 21 months ago as he wakes up to 10 times a night.


energy and weight loss


And I know it’s harder to make those ‘better’ decisions when I’m tired.


The easier, more convenient, often ‘less good’ decisions become more appealing.


With all this being said…………


It then stands to reason…………


That protecting our energy levels should be a priority!


Easier said that done, of course.


Like everything.


Note: Nothing is easy to do than say.


Trying to force ourselves to do stuff when our energy is low is kinda like locking the stable door once the horse has bolted.




Putting things in ahead of time to protect our energy levels makes everything that comes after it easier to some degree. Energy and weight loss are so closely linked.


Minimising stress where possible.




Protecting our sleep from caffeine, external light, stress and other time uses.


Challenging our beliefs around the things that annoy us and cause us stress.


Doing these things even just a little.


Anything we can to protect our energy levels and mood.


And everything else becomes, at least, a little easier.


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Much love,


Jon 🙂 Hall and Matt B) Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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