Anyone seen Spies, that programme that’s been on Channel 4?


Watched it last week on 4OD on recommendation from my brother in law.


It follows 15 members of the public “with extraordinary potential”……..


As they are put through a version of IONEC.


The Intelligence Officer New Entry Course.


There’s a slight spoiler coming up if you’re currently watching it.


In one episode, the remaining contestants are, in turn, blindfolded, taken to a shooting range and handed a gun.


They are told “There is a threat in front of you. You have 25 seconds to assess the situation and decide what to do”


All but one pull the trigger.


The one who didn’t saying “I didn’t think I had enough information to go on”


The fascinating thing was……….


Not a single one of them used that 25 seconds to try and get any further information.


None of them asked any questions.


Not even “Can I ask any questions?”


They, literally, made their decisions blind.


It was guessing, not assessing.


And that’s kinda how most people’s weight loss and fitness approaches go.


Making decisions with only a fraction of the information.


We don’t expect people to fully assess everything they ever do forever.


That would get pretty boring, pretty fast.


But three days of tracking your food and drink intake on something like MyFitnssPal is often eye opening.


## MFP app available on all app stores or at ##


It’s only 3 days for a total of maybe 10-20 minutes of effort.


Over the years we’ve had hundreds of people do this and realise immediately why their weight loss hasn’t been what they’d like.


“I didn’t realise I was eating so much…….”


Or “I thought I was having way more……..”


Sometimes they haven’t seen it and we might give some direction when they share it with us (check if you like the idea of accurate direction and accountability, rather than just being told to eat less and left to it).


Those insights then last.


As I said, it’s not something anyone would expect you to do every day forever.


You get the idea.


3 days of accurate tracking if what you eat and drink.


Not just jotting down food names on a but of paper.


Send us a copy if you’re not sure.


Accurate assessing.


Without it you’re guessing.



Much love,


Jon ‘From the same town as Timothy Dalton’ Hall and Matt ‘Roger More’ Nicholson


P.S. That wasn’t a typo 😉





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