I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about the negative comments we sometimes get on the page

People sometimes make specific claims about how much money we take home or things that we’ve done or not.

If it’s something specific that I know is just not correct, I’ll ask them for evidence of what they’re saying.

As you would expect, no evidence is forthcoming.

They don’t say that.

They don’t apologise for making a claim that they know they can’t back up.

They just pivot on to a different variation of an accusation.

I’ve had the same a couple of times over the years with people in my personal life, who’ve done certain things or made specific accusations (AKA made up lies).

When I’ve asked for evidence or asked questions that would help them question what they’re saying and doing……..

No proof is ever supplied.

No answer is ever given to the questions.

No apologies ever given.

Again they pivot on to some other accusation.

Change the subject.

When people are provably incorrect and you offer them the opportunity to discover the truth…………

They rarely take it.

A willingness to be proven wrong is a brave choice.

One that, at times, we all not willing to take.

Much the same as when comes to tracking our use of food and time.

Only a proportion of people I recommend tracking their food to go to the relatively minimal effort of doing it.

Relatively few of the people I recommend tracking their use of time to end up doing that.

We pivot and say we’re “too busy”.

Or it’s “too confusing”.

That we “don’t know what to do”.

Or that we just forgot.

And whilst each of those things have an element of truth…………

I think we’re often unwilling to be proven wrong.

It’s a brave choice to be willing to find that we’ve just eaten more than we need.

A brave choice to be willing to discover that we’ve just not made as efficient use of the 10,080 minutes in the week as we could have.

No one likes being proven wrong.

It’s uncomfortable to engage in something that we realise may prove us to be wrong.

But, when we’re wrong we have two choices.

We can find out what is right

Or we can continue to be wrong.

And I’m sure we all know which of those leads us to the results and the life that we desire.

Much love,

Jon ‘Pivot. Pivot. Pivot’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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