They never turn up do they? [Selling stuff on Facebay]

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I recently posted my old Nintendo Wii on Facebook Market Place.

In case you’re not aware of what that is, it’s a free function on Facebook that you can use to advertise things for sale.

And you can also post them in various free Facebook groups often called things like ‘Facebay Macclesfield’ or ‘Buy, sell and swap Your Town Name’.

I just wanted to get rid of it so I put it on for free.

I have never received so many messages.


I offered it to the first one and he said he’d come that night.

And didn’t.

I offered it to the second one who said the same.

Then messaged back later to say “Let someone else have it”.

And on it went.

This often happens selling stuff on there.

But this was next level.

Probably in the teens of people asking if they could have it, confirming they were going to come and get it……..

Then not.

No skin in the game you see.

It’s too easy when something is free to say all the right things.

But then, when action is needed, to not be willing to do the work.

It’s one of the reasons we don’t do a free trial.

We know, from experience, that people don’t value it.

They say all the right things…….

But don’t actually always take action.

The skin in the game of paying makes it more likely they will.

So why would we run a process that makes it less likely that people will get results?

We offer a money back guarantee on completion of the programme, so it’s risk free.

Do it and don’t love it and it hasn’t cost you anything.

But people always love it when they actually do it.

To have a money back guarantee that would encourage people to drop out in the first couple of weeks makes no sense.

What does make sense is to find a way so that the decisions we make matter.

They have some level of relatively immediate consequence we care about.

If “contributing to being heavier next time we weigh ourselves” was enough, we’d be there already.

Could we put some skin in the game somehow?

A public proclamation of our intent.

Or just telling someone you don’t want to ‘let down’.

Arranging to meet a friend for a workout.

Putting a reverse wager on at

A friendly bet with someone.

Some way to make it so that seemingly unimportant decision matters.

Just enough so that we’re more likely to do it.

Much love,

Jon ‘Faceache’ Hall

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