I mentioned yesterday about some of the questions that I ask people.

Sometimes in person at the club.

Sometimes on calls with them.

Sometimes they answer the question.

Surprisingly often, at least initially, the answer the exact opposite question.

I might ask them what’s been going well so far.

Or what that biggest wins have been.

And it’s not uncommon that people then start reeling off everything that’s not been going as they’d like.

“That’s not the question I asked” I’ll normally respond.

Doesn’t mean we can’t look at that question too, but I asked the opposite.

So much of our experience in life has taught us to become really good answering certain questions.

And leess good at answering others.

The more negative stuff often springs to mind more readily to begin with.

And years and decades of that being what we’re exposed to through interactions with others and what we read and hear compounds that.

And it’s not that those questions don’t have their place.

But how much we ask them, often of ourselves, compared to other questions can make a big difference to how we feel.

There’s an expression that I love that “our success in life is dictated by the quality of the questions that we ask of ourselves”.

If we’re getting answers that don’t serve us as well as they could…..

Maybe we’d benefit from better questions?

And / or answering ones I ask? 😉

Much love,

Jon ‘s attract’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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