I’ve sent out a around 1,100 of these blogs over the last few years.


Analytics tells me each is read by between 300 and 500 people.


So there’s been approximately half a million ‘reads’ of stuff I’ve written.


Which is pretty cool.


Half a million reactions there.


Mostly positive.


Mostly finding what I write beneficial in some way.


But, of course, there’s been plenty of less positive responses.


There’s an interesting thing with the responses.


You’ve hopefully noticed that my style is not to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing or thinking.


Maybe help you question things, sure.


But the decision is yours and yours alone.


And no decision is right or wrong.


And I don’t never say everything is the same for everyone.


I might say that it’s the case for a lot of people at most.


For example, I could talk about how many people could use their time more efficiently to make time for the things they could do to help them achieve the goal they have.


But I fully accept not everyone has time to free (if you think you could make a couple of the 168 hours of the week available for looking after yourself, you know what to do –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


So when I get a reply along the lines of “You’ve no idea what my life is like. I can’t free up any time. It’s impossible for me. Ra ra ra”………..


I know what’s happened.


I’ve hit a nerve.


If they genuinely believed it was impossible for them to free up any time……….


They would go “Oooh, I’m in that “can’t free up any time” camp he’s mentioned.


And continue with their day.



When people get annoyed with what I’ve written, it is, in my opinion at least, because they feel it’s true.


And it’s holding a mirror up to their justifications.


So, if we’ve ever annoyed you, please take this as a little prompt to question why.


Annoyance is often the first sign that there’s some truth in what’s been said.


Not always, you’ll note 😉


But often.


And seeing the truth is that crucial Step #1 to changing things!



Much love,


Jon ‘Or Consequences’ Hall and Matt ‘Or Dare’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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