I was explaining what happened with ‘The Titanic’ to the kids t’other day.


Like you do!


And I googled it as I wanted to check something.


Turns out that when the follow up boats arrived to look for bodies……..


They checked the identification of those they found…….


Brought back the first class passengers, staff, etc…….


And tied weights to the lower class passengers and sunk them!!!!!!!!


Crazy, no?


It shows how much the world has changed over the last 100 years.


Although not everything is perfect, most people believe that everyone is entitled to equality of treatment, regardless of sex, class, income, race, etc.


At least on a basic level.


You probably agrees with that, no?


That others should be treated fairly?


So, why do so many people not truly believe that they deserve what others have?


You are just as entitled to have the body you like as the next person.


You’re just as entitled to be happy.


You’re just as entitled to a long and healthy life.


So, why do we so often treat ourselves as though we aren’t?


Why do we so often think that we’re not worthy?


The answer to that is a complicated one, of course.


Rooted in thousands of experiences over many, many years.


But, sometimes, all it takes is a quick reminder.


YOU are as worthy as anyone else.


YOU deserve those things.




And go out and get them tiger!!!!!



Much love,


Jon ‘Iceberg’ Hall and Matt ‘Titan’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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