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When I was a teenager, there was a large wooden contraption on my Dad’s farm.

Imagine a tepee shape made out of telegraph poles.

Because that’s what it was.

With a pulley at the top and bottom.

And a big weight on a string attached to a long rope along the floor.

Designed for practicing Tug O War.

My Dad coached the local Young Farmers team you see.

And some of my early versions of “working out” were done on that.

Along with a rucksack with a bag of calf cake in that I’d do squats and press-ups wearing.

And a bull-worker my Grandpa bought me at a car boot.

I later got some sets of dumbbells which are currently used to weigh down my Dad’s polytunnel greenhouse.

I’m digressing though.

This blog is about Tug O War.

Apparently when you test people on such an apparatus individually and collectively, there’s a difference in effort.

People pull harder when’s it just them being observed than when a group as a whole is being monitored.

Makes sense.

And I know this to be true from experience.

It’s human nature to try harder when we know people will notice.

And to not try as hard when we feel that won’t be realised.

We all do it.

That’s why the accountability part of our programme is invaluable.

A lot of places nowadays throw “accountability” round as buzzword.

But, often, will little to no systems or structure around that.

To be held accountable, we need a plan.

Specifics of what we intend to do.

That our actual actions will be checked again.

Vague stuff is hard to be held accountable to.

“Try harder”, “do more exercise” and “eat better” are woolly.

If we were to ask someone if they’d done those, it’s hard to actually know.

And they’d probably think not as it’s doubtful that a specific plan would’ve been put in place.

A good plan usually involves numbers.

A certain number of workouts.

An amount of calories, snacks, drinks, meals out or some other measure of our eating / drinking.

A number of times we got in bed by a certain time.

And amount of time spent on a specific process.

And so on.

If you’re already a member and you go into each week telling yourself “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”, then that’s cool.

If you’re 100% happy with your results and progress.

If you’re not, Touching Base and setting a RISE Plan each Sunday night (or Monday morning) will give you something you’ll create an actual plan to achieve……….

And that we’ll hold you accountable to.

And, like on the “Tug O War machine”, knowing that someone will be able to tell how you’re doing…………

Will make it much more likely than if that’s not really noticable.

And, if you’re not a member, and you’ve finally realised “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it” isn’t going to get you there and you’re ready to invest just over £3 a day in a proven system that will get you there, then here’s where you take the next step with that –>

Much love,

Jon ‘Man O War’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

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