A couple of weeks ago my Facebook feed suddenly became very full of videos from my FitPro friends.

It’s a regular thing you see from fitness business ‘gurus’ (many of which have never run particularly successful fitness businesses, but regurgitate what someone else has said you should do).

“Post on social media ten times a day”.

And many were doing this in early January to ‘take advantage’ of that increased ‘New Year’ interest in health and fitness.

Live streams, videos, posts, shares and more.

The funny thing is though……….

It’s really dried up in the last week or so.

Many have pretty much stopped already.

And there’s a reason.

Without the right process behind them, none of these things automatically generate business.

When minimal results come from them, they suddenly become hard work.

And easy to “not quite get round to”.

If all these posts was creating new customers and positively affecting their revenue, they’d continue, I’m sure.

Because, ultimately, when you’re in any business, there’s one number that trumps all the others.

The one with the pound sign in front of it.

We’re not “in it for the money” as such.

I’ve got a good degree in engineering from the best engineering department at the time that I would have earned way more money using.


We’ve got kids to feed and bills to pay.

Doing something because you care about it and want to help people and needing to earn money from it aren’t mutually exclusive.

Likes, shares and comments are all nice and can be part of the process for a FitPro looking to grow or maintain their business.

But if they’re not actually driving that income, then they’ll quickly get dropped.

Which is what often happens when we take up a new health, fitness and / or weight loss regime.

We bolt out the gate, seemingly at 100 miles per hour.

Go from doing nothing in December to exercising every day.

Go from eating anything and everything to cutting out whole food groups completely.


Without those processes behind all this to create the desired result………….

Minimal results come.

And these things start to become hard work.

And easy to “not quite get round to”.

And we go from the equivalent of posting 10 times a day to not posting at all within a few weeks.

Just like there needs to be a process behind our social media postings to make them worthwhile (get you to request more info –> book into our monthly find out more meeting (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting) –> come to meeting –> hopefully get cracking and change your life)……….

We need certain things ‘behind’ our health, fitness and weight loss attempts.

1. For weight loss there needs to be that average calorie deficit. We don’t necessarily need to count those calories. And we know there’s other things to consider. But that doesn’t mean that average calorie deficit doesn’t need to exist. It does. And, if it doesn’t, the results won’t come and everything quickly becomes ‘hard work’.

2. The eating approach also needs to be maintainable. 48 weeks a year of steady progress at varying speeds will always beat 3 weeks of going nuts.

3. The exercise side also needs to be maintainable. Speed up and slow down as circumstance dictates, sure. But if it’s anything you’ll completely stop doing at some point, it’s probably not the best option for you.

4. Prioritise the big wins and only add the finer points in on top if that’s doable. Would we earn a little more by doing what we’re doing now AND posting 10 times a day? Probably. But is the ROI worth it? Would I be in better shape if I spent 2 hours working out every day and took the ‘optimum combination of supplements? Probably. But is the ROI worth it? Feel free to add the ‘icing on the cake’. But not at the expense of the cake itself.

Get those things ‘behind’ what you’re doing if they aren’t already.

Consistent and steady always beats full speed then stopping.

Much love,

Jon ‘Paul McKenna’ Hall and Matt ‘Bo Derek’ Nicholson

P.S. Point each for those middle names 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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