On Monday of last week Toni The Tiger and I were on a First Aid course at Macc College.

Not the ‘By Now Type II Diabetic’ Kellog’s Frosties frontman, but our lovely new coach / administrator.

A useful reminder of what to do should any problems arise.

But it did leave me wondering about the safety of those some of the participants may be caring for.

Three of the group were, for want of a better description, clearly not regular exercises or healthy eaters.

As always, we’re not into judging people.

It’s their lives and they can live it however they like.

But, when we had to do the 2 minute demo of chest compressions and rescue breathes, it was very noticeable how hard they found it.

The ended up breathing very heavily, sweating profusely and needing a sit down.

After two minutes.

The average ambulance arrival time is 8 minutes.

All three were involved in the care of young children.

I just admit, I’d be somewhat worried if someone that was potentially responsible for saving my child’s life found it that hard.

It really reminded Toni and myself of a big part of why we live it lives the way we do.

There’s lots of reasons – but the ability to do things that may be required of us is defiantly a part of it.

And not just in emergencies.

The energy levels and mental focus that living a healthy lifestyle brings is a massive help with raising young children.

As it is in being able to look after those around us.

And being around for them for as long as possible.

And stuff like this is a much bigger motivator than just a number on some scales.

The point of this email isn’t to be mean to those ladies.

But hopefully it’s made at least some of you think about what a healthy lifestyle really means to you and those around you.

And, remembering that can help keep you much more focused then just ‘a number’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Last Christmas I got a sweater. This year I’m hoping for moaner or a screamer’ Hall and Matt ‘Honey, where are my pants?’ Nicholson

They were sweating and panting after two minutes Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss advice

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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