As we’ve mentioned before, we get replies to pretty much every one of these emails.


Comments on the Facebook page too.


Comments our personal posts on FaceyB too.


‘Feedback’ on things we talk about in person.


Nearly always positive and complimentary.


But it’s interesting to see some of the replies we get to something that is from a less ‘positive’ angle.


Could be talking about how people feel somewhat crappy at the moment rather than approaching it from the ‘feeling awesome’ they’re moving towards.


Maybe ‘calling’ people out on the justifications they’re using for doing / not doing things.


Might be taking the piss out of Juice Plus sales people (not the end users – they’re just, sadly, the victims of dubious marketing) or people who like to post pictures of themselves lifting things that aren’t anywhere near as heavy as they’ve made them look.


Perhaps using the odd swear word.


It might be talking about our own ‘shortcomings’.


Drinking too much for example.


Or talking about our ‘bad days’.


According to some people we should be some sort of perma-smiling, constantly happy, always motivating, love their job, clients and life in general, happy clappy, zero negativity role models.


There are FitPros who appear this way on Facebook.


Loads of them.


But, do you know what?




Everyone has good days and bad days.


Everyone had negative aspects to them.


Everyone makes mistakes.


Everyone does things they’re not proud of.


They’re just pretending they don’t.


We’ve met many FitPros over the years who publicly profess how much they love their job and clients.


But behind closed doors will moan non stop about how much they hate the work, the hours, the (lack of) money, the clients that “don’t do what they’re supposed to” and so on.


That’s a major reason our programmes are application only – we only want to spend our time with people who we enjoy working with.


We’ve worked hard to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere that we and others enjoy coming to.


We see other FitPros preaching the benefits of ‘clean living’.


Not mentioning that they get smashed at the weekend and are on steroids.


Or they talk about how everyone should ‘invest’ in specialists who can help them in certain areas of their life.


Despite never doing that themselves with the things they struggle with.


We have no problem with a grown adult doing any of these things.


Just be honest, yeah? (we know a lot of FitPros who read these every day).




Ultimately, what you get from us is honesty.


The real us.


Our real lives.


Our real opinions.


If you like that, that’s awesome 🙂


If not, there’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email.


There would be no point in lying to you – you’d see through it eventually!


As they do with the other FitPros.


Or at the very least, they can’t ‘buy into’ this intimidating super-human who never does anything wrong.



Much love,


Jon ‘Actually doing really well on the drinking front this month after the ‘accountability’ post’ Hall and Matt ‘Father, I cannot tell a lie’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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