I saw a meme the other day that tickled me.

It was entitled, as this blog is, “Things British people can’t believe”

And then listed;

– How cold it is

– How dark it is

– How quick the year has gone

– How it’s nearly Christmas

– The price of a Freddo

As Homer Simpson might say, “It’s funny cause it’s true”.

But I’ve got a few other things we could add to the end of that list.

– That we’ve gained weight whilst eating in an average calorie surplus

– That we haven’t lost weight whilst eating more foods that we consider to be healthy even though we haven’t checked if we’re in a calorie deficit

– That we haven’t lost weight while doing more exercise even though the calorie burning benefit of exercise isn’t great and we haven’t checked that we’re not compensating in our eating

I get it.

I feel that way too sometimes.

These are all things that can feel surprising.

But they shouldn’t be.

Because they happen every single time.

Without fail.

And taking that mental shift and just planning accordingly is the difference maker.

Much love,

Jon ‘Victor Meldrew’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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