If your social media feed looks anything like mine then, over the last few years, you’ll have seen more and more talk of “morning routines”.

And, like I have, you might have seen a degree of “backlash” against them.

People mocking those that get up early, meditate, have an ice bath, journal and do yoga before most of us are out of bed.

The thing is that we all have morning routines.

And, chances are, if we don’t think we do then it’s probably one not designed to set us up for success.

The overwhelming majority of what we do in the first hour or so after waking is the same most days.

We run much of it on autopilot.

Having done it so many times before.

And when we recognise that we do already have a morning routine, there’s an obvious next question.

What’s our morning routine setting is up to do for the rest of the day?

Does it leave us feeling calm, focused, inspired, organised and prepared?

Or does it leave us feeling flat, unmotivated, overwhelmed and maybe even anxious?

Sure, there’s something in-between.

But if we’re closer to the latter than we are to the former, then maybe we could ask questions about what we’re doing first thing.

We don’t need to go all the way to the opposite end of the extreme.

But maybe 5 minutes less scrolling social media and 5 minutes more planning the day and putting things into place………

So that we feel good about it…….

And get to the end of it satisfied……..

Might be a good start?

Much love,

Jon ‘glory’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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