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I mentioned yesterday about the telematics box I’ll be getting this week to track my driving and (hopefully) help lower my insurance premium by changing my habits.


I’ll have to use the black box for three months and then send it back.


Three months is enough for the insurers to get a good indication of my current driving habits.


No point me keeping it for the full year when they can send it on to another new policy holder.


And, as I mentioned yesterday, I don’t expect that at the end of those three months with the telematics box, my driving will return to as it was before.


Somewhere in between I should imagine.


And, probably, closer to the ‘better’ version.

Create new weight loss habits in three months


Three months is loads of time to help create a new weight loss habit.


Or change an old one.


It’s part of the reason we do our 8 week challenges for people coming in (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you want to look more into them and general membership).

Big changes or small changes?


Most modern research shows that bigger initial changes followed by a maintenance type plan creates more long term weight loss success then small changes from the start that you then maintain for ever.


The opposite of what a lot will tell you.


But that’s the great thing about structured research and, you know, science………….


It cuts through opinion and personal preference and just gives you the facts, as best known at that point.


Small changes does sound more maintainable on the surface.


But we’re not 100% rational creatures.


We get discouraged by slow progress.


And easily ‘creep’ back to what we were doing before.


Bigger initial changes, which provide a noticeable and motivating changes………..


Followed by a maintenance plan that still takes you in the right direction (or keeps you where you are if you’re happy with that)………….


Has been shown, categorically, to lead to better results at the one and three (and other) year marks.


Exactly why we do the 8 week challenges to help create serious transformations and create new habits.


Followed by either maintenance, or maybe another challenge when you’re ready to make further forward progress 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘It would’ve made this much ‘neater’ if they sent me the box for two months’ Hall and Matt ‘Amigos’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were the first two men to voice the character Speedy Gonzales. I did say it was tricky 😉


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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