Matt and I went for our weekly Thai buffet lunch last Tuesday.


Well, we would have done, if we hadn’t got there to find it closed due to the chef being ill.


On the way we passed one of our former ninjas Liam in the street.


‘No Limits Liam’ and ‘No Fear Fliss’ (to give them their Black Panther nicknames) we’re with us for a long time until they decided to take a few months off to help with finances for their house move.


We said hello, but it was clear Liam wasn’t able to stop for a chat.


He texted shortly after to apologise for no being able to stop and talk (was out for work meal with colleagues) and asked what we’d been up to.


I mentioned a few of the things I’ve done recently (learning to breath fire, to ballroom dance, a skydive, world record attempt, etc).


“You’ll need a rest 😉 ” he replied.


“Plenty of time for rest when I’m dead” was my response.


Now we know we all need down time from time to time.


But years of dealing with people who aren’t happy with their bodies and / or lives have shown us there’s a massive diminishing return on such activities.


20 hours of TV a week doesn’t seem to relax people more than 5 hours does.


The things that really seem to make people happy are usually ‘doing’ things.


Stuff that involves a little effort, sure.


But has a much bigger impact on their happiness.


It might be the working out.


The healthy food shopping and prep.


Both take a bit of time, but have a much bigger return on investment than 10 more minutes of TV.


It might be activities.


Doing things you enjoy.


Or challenge you.


Maybe something you’ve wanted to do for a long time.


Infact, it would be wicked if you’d take this opportunity to have a think about something you’ve been meaning to do for a while.


And out the first step in place to making it happen.


Do it!




And let us know what it is 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Terrible Dancer’ Hall and Matt ‘Will Be Dancing At The National Fitness Awards Tonight’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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