So, tis the night before Christmas.

Although that depends on when you read this – it will be later.

Or it could be next summer or several years time, I suppose.

These blogs get randomly read all year round.

The most viewed one ever is from nearly ten years ago and is about a Channel 5 programme on health and fitness from the time.

But, when this comes out, it is Christmas Eve 2022.

‘Twas the night before Christmas’ is a book that I’ve read to my youngest son several times this month.

And to his siblings when they were younger.

They’ve all loved it.

Despite being just shy of 200 years old, it still reads really well.

Looking at it now, the only bit a modern child might not get is this line;

“The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth”.

Because I don’t imagine they’ll have seen someone smoke a pipe.

I suppose Vaping is similar.

And, according to Google, pipe smoking is making something of a comeback amongst what you could call the ‘Hipster’ crowd.

But it’s definitely way less popular than a generation or two ago.

And it’s been decades since I’ve seen someone smoke a traditional pipe like Sherlock Holmes and my Grandpa used to.

It’s definitely indicative of a change in how we see things over the years.

It went out of fashion as cigarettes became more popular.

Considered more an “old man” thing.

Then cigarettes have become less popular.

As has smoking in general.

Those things haven’t changed though.

The benefits and the drawbacks.

The pros and the cons.

Just the way we see them.

Our perception.

As is often the case with any change.

When we make lasting changes to the way we eat, the food itself hasn’t changed.

Same with exercise.

Drinking more water and / or less alcohol.

Getting more sleep.

Lifestyle practices such a mindfulness, meditation, yoga and more.

They don’t change.

Sure, we might find different versions of them that suit us better for some reason.

But that’s rarely enough to make significant changes to our life.

It’s when we change how we view these things that it’s a difference maker.

———– That’s what we’re world class at. Check if you’d like a lasting difference maker this new year as opposed to that same old “Start in January, stopped by February” ———–

Much love,

Jon ‘Cleaner’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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