Saw a little quote I liked t’other day.


From James Cameron.


Director, of course, of Titanic, Avatar, Terminator, etc.


It went “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success”.


One of the key things we find helps people succeed in their weight loss / fitness / health journeys……..


Is their ability to not be derailed by ‘failures’.


To keep working towards that greater success.


To ‘get back on it’ quickly.


We all have set backs.


Very rarely do we achieve every single thing we want.


Most of the goals I’ve set over the last few years haven’t been hit 100%.


Some barely 50%.


The 52 challenges in 2014, the human flag, ten grand for the Burpeeathon, up and down the height of Everest in a day, etc.


None hit in their entirety.


But it was all still loads more than if I hadn’t set those goals.


We all have times in the pursuit of any goal where we ‘fail’.


‘Bad’ weekends.


Weight gain over Christmas.


‘Enjoying’ the holiday a little too much.


But all those things really have to do……..


Is push back the date you hit the goal a little.


It’s when it completely derails us that problems arise.


Keep those goals.


Keep them high.


Don’t be derailed by the failures along the way.


And you will ‘fail above everyone else’s successes’.


As always, easier said than done.


But keeping it in mind is the key.


Straight back on that horse (having someone to help you do that always helps 😉 –



Much love,



Jon ‘Rose’ Hall and Matt ‘Jack’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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