To the power of zero?

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For the last month or so my eldest son Oli has been doing a Zoom maths class each week.

With Rob, who’s a member.

He’s very good – let us know if you need a secondary maths tutor?

I was cooking tea the other day and overhead them talking about ‘powers’.

You know – when you times a number by itself a certain number of times?

“To the power of two” means squaring that number.

They covered “to the power of zero”.

Which is always one.

Any number to the power of zero = one.

And it created a chain of thought it my head

—— Don’t worry, I immediately burned the tea I was cooking to show that men can’t multi-task 😂 ——–

What’s always greater than 100% of nothing?

Any percentage of ‘something’.

It’s tempting to think that when we can’t do all of what we want to……..

The next option is to do nothing.

Or to create a fictional “cut off point” above which it’s worth doing and below which it isn’t.

Find ourselves only averaging two sessions per week and decide it makes more sense to cancel and do none than to carry on with that two?

Struggle to eat in maintenance or deficit calories on two days a week and decide not to do it on any?

We get that it’s human nature to want fast results

And / or to feel we’re getting our money’s worth.

But it’s worth remembering that……..

Any percent of something………

Is greater than 100% of nothing!

Much love,

Jon ‘Zenzizenzic’ Hall

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