I saw a headline on social media today.

“Women prefer dad bods”

Those of you that know me well, will know that I’m quite precise in my use of the English language.

I’m very literal.

My oldest son is too.

Some would say we’re both a bit @n@l.

But it’s just how our brains work.

When we hear someone say we’re leaving at 8 o clock, to us that’s exactly the time we’re leaving.

I appreciate not everyone sees statements of time the same way that we do (cough ** my wife ** cough).

I often see and hear and read statements where I feel that there are words missing.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, I think the youth of today are even worse than ever in this respect.

I regularly have to rewind in my head what the other kids say and add in a few extra words for it to make sense.

So have a guess what my first thought to the headline “Women prefer dad bods” was?

You don’t really need to guess, it’s the title of this blog.

“To what?”

“Women prefer dad bods to what?”

So I had a Google.

And it took me down a bit of a dad bod research wormhole.

Interestingly, and probably not unexpectedly when you think about it, there is a difference in what anyone reports about their preferences with regards to other peoples’ appearances……….

When the study is anonymous or not.

Ask someone what they like in other people’s bodies when their partner is stood next to them………

And you’re probably going to get a somewhat different answer to the same question in an anonymous survey.

In anonymous surveys, a considerably higher proportion of women report that they prefer a somewhat slimmer and more athletic build to the dad bod………

Than they do in public surveys.

And my second observation was with regards to the aforementioned “compared to what?”

It seems, unsurprisingly, that the majority of women aren’t mad keen on massive bodybuilder physics.

And that most would prefer what we consider to be a dad bod to that.

But, as mentioned above, that doesn’t mean most women don’t prefer that somewhat slimmer more athletic physique to either of these options.

And it’s a similar story in surveys done on such preferences in physiques.

Whether in others or in ourselves.

And whatever the gender.

And the great news is that, whilst the massive bodybuilder physique does take countless hours in the gym and a great deal of sacrifice in how we live our lives (and steroids)……….

Getting somewhat slimmer and more toned……..

Is considerably easier.

Probably more so than we’re telling ourselves.

As always, I would never even consider telling someone what they should do with their body.

Who would I be to tell them that?

They’re our bodies to do with as we wish.


That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t potentially question what we’re telling ourselves about our preferences……….

And what we’re telling ourselves about how hard it would be to make changes in the direction that we, perhaps, would like to go.

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Much love,

Jon ‘Father figure’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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