Many of you will already know what myself and a bunch of others of questionable sanity are doing today.


Tis a 24 hour burpeeathon.


Myself, Alan, Gareth and Simon are doing the full day.


We’ve just strafed (10am on Friday if you’re reading this later).


We’re going to be doing burpees till 10 am tomorrow.


And over 20 other intrepid souls will be joining us for an hour or two.


Incase you’re fortunate enough to have never encountered burpees, they are a particularly challenging exercise that involves, squatting down, placing your hands either side of your feet, jumping the feet out to a press up position, jumping them back again and standing up.


They are hard.


Today is going to be horrible.


But we’re doing it for a good cause.


The Make A Wish Foundation.


They grant wishes for very poorly children.


Meeting Santa, their favourite celebrity, a day as a fireman, that sort of thing.


We want to raise £10,000.


We need your help.


If you appreciate anything we’ve done for you, this would be an awesome way to show that.


Whether you’re a ninja who’s changing their life or you just like reading these emails, we’d love it if you could donate whatever you can.


You can do it at


Please do – we’d really appreciate it 🙂


Don’t file this away and think “I’ll do it later” – people never do!


That link again is


We’ll let you know how we got on on Monday.



Much love,


Jon ‘What am I thinking?’ Hall and Matt ‘Burpee Dodger’ Nicholson



P.S. One last time, that link for you –

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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