So, I received a call from Pauline, who works for us, on Friday.


Pauline is rather ill at the moment, so initially, with her poorly voice, I thought I was about to receive some bad news.


However, the news wasn’t had.


It was awesome!


It turns out, a few months ago, Vicky, one of our ninjas, put us forward for the National a Fitness Awards.


And we’ve been short listed.


Final 6 baby!


Get to go to a funky black tie do in November.


And hopefully win 🙂


So, yesterday it was all hands on deck at the club.


Finishing up all those little jobs that we’ve been doing or meaning to start for a while.


So the club now looks ‘proper bo, I tell thee’.


It will continue to look good in weeks and months to come now


It’s a bit like when the in-laws come to visit – stuff gets fixed, the garden done, etc.


And it’s a bit like how you can use an impending deadline to do stuff that will make the future easier.


We often talk about how motivation is a finite resource.


It runs out.


And relying on it alone is a recipe for failure.


But you can use it to put things in place that will set you up for success long term.


So, if you have a particular event coming up you want to be in better shape for (Christmas parties for example).


Then you can do a few of the following that will set you up for longer term results:


  • Buy plenty of Tupperware (the most useful thing you van own to help making healthy eating easy).
  • Get rid of all the crap in your kitchen (biscuits, sweets, crisps, pop, etc) – out of sight, out of mind
  • Get in plenty of health food – when the zombies attack, I’ll be ok as my freezer is chock to the gills with meat and veg.
  • Learn some healthy recipes – you won’t forget them.
  • Start to surround yourself with like minded people who will support you and ‘drag you along’ when the motivation fades.


All these things can be done when the motivation is there.


And their effects and benefits will last one when motivation wanes.


If you’re not already with us, you can find out how we help our ninjas do all of the above, so they don’t have to rely just on motivation, at the find-out-more orientation meeting for our FREE ’20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’ next Tuesday.


Just pop here to find out more and book a place – 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Has loads of Tupperware’ Hall and Matt ‘Escaped from some Zombies on Saturday night’ Nicholson

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