So, we mentioned last week about Tom.


One of the guys on the 20lbs challenge.


How he was off the pace at 6.5lbs gone after four weeks.


And how changing his breakfast caused him to drop 7.5lbs in the next two weeks.


Well, yesterday Tom was in for the Coaching Day assessment to mark the end of that challenge.


And guess what?


He’d lost a total of just under 24lbs over the two months, smashing the challenge and getting it FREE ( if you want to lose 20lbs – or get a beach body if you have less than 20lbs to lose – for free).


So his weight loss rate nearly tripled when he changed his brekkie.


Was he hungry?


Did he find it difficult?


Was he doing something he didn’t like doing?


No, no and no.


Changing your breakfast isn’t actually hard when you do it.


It’s all in our head.


The stories we tell ourselves.


“That’s not a breakfast.”


“I couldn’t eat that at that time of day” (after zero attempts at doing so).


“I don’t have the time in the morning” (Tom just made twice as much tea the night before and hand the remainder the next morning – zero extra time).


“I don’t like the idea of eating a different breakfast to the rest of the family” (why have the rest of the family continue to eat something that’s not good for them?).


You get the point by now, surely?


Change your brekkie (if you haven’t already).


Natural foods with an equal balance of energy from carbs, protein and fats (a 2:2:1 ratio in weight terms).


Don’t feel limited to what someone else has told you is a breakfast.


Don’t tell yourself the stories as to why you can’t.


Just do it!


Once you have, you’ll never go back.



Much love,


Jon ‘There’s more nutritional value in the cardboard box they come in then in most cereals’ Hall and Matt ‘I’d recommend porridge, toast and juice to someone who wanted to gain weight’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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