Many of you will know we have what we call our ‘Coaching Day’ on the first Monday of the month.


It marks the start of the new programme for that month.


We coach our ninjas on the stuff they need to know.


And do their monthly assessments – checking body fat levels, etc.


For everyone, but particularly the 20lbs challengers, it’s a chance to see how they’re doing and identify any area they can tweak for better results.


At the start of this month one of the assessment we did was win Tom.


Tom had started with us at the start of August and was, therefore, half way through his 8 week challenge.


He’d lost 6.5lbs in that first month.


Good compared to what the average person in the country does each month (gain a few pounds).


But off the pace for hitting his 20lbs target.


A quick chat identified that his exercise was good.


Lunch, dinner, drinks, etc all fine.


But he seemed to have ‘missed the memo’ on breakfast.


And was still having fruit and yoghurt.


Because some people recommend that as a good breakfast for weight loss.


For reasons that escape us.


So we recommended that Tom move to a more ‘balanced’ breakfast.


Equal parts energy from protein, carbs and fat.


A 2:2:1 ratio in real terms (fat is twice as energy dense as protein and carbs).


And to stop thinking of breakfast as this fundamentally different meal to the others.


To have the same sort of things he has for the other meals.


Meat, fish, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.


Which he immediately did.




Last night I was in the club organising some birthday bumps for Andy.


And trying to get him to take Matt’s share too.


And I overheard Tom talking to Ian and Rafii.


Who are approaching the half way point of their challenge.


And are a little off the pace.


Tom explained the changes he’d made to his breakfast.


And that they were the only differences from what he was doing before which had given 6.5lbs loss in a month.


The result?


Another 7.5lbs gone.


In two weeks.


Putting him back on track for the 20lbs in 8 weeks.




We’ve seen this happen many, many times over the years.


Changing breakfast is often people’s biggest win.


The first things you put into your body each day have a huge impact on any progress you’ll make for the rest of the day.


Whack your insulin levels up with high GI carbs like toast, cereal, fruit juice, etc?


You put yourself in a fat storage mode straight away.


And reduce your ability to release fat stores for the rest of the day.


Almost irrespective of what you then eat.


You also hugely increase the chance that you’ll have more of the same unbalanced meals later in the day.


A good, balanced breakfast puts your body in a better hormonal balance.


And makes in more likely you’ll eat help they, balanced meals later in the day.


All the research bears this out.


And seeing hundred of people like Tom feel the benefits is pretty compelling too.


Still eating cereal, toast, porridge, juice, fruit, etc for breakfast?


Weight not shifting as you’d like?


Maybe it’s time to ‘Do a Tom’?




Much love,


Jon ‘Beef and veg this morning’ Hall and Matt ‘Post Birthday lie in’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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