As you will have gathered, a big part of what we do is supporting and directing people through a process of change.

Rather than just ‘telling them what to do’.

We try and pitch it just right for each individual.

Sometimes softly softly is the best approach.

Sometimes, a well placed short, sharp shock helps get people last sticking points.

Cutting through the bulls**t and helping people gain clarity is key on occasion.

There’s been a few such occasions this week.

You may like to hear about them if they’ll help you see through the stories you’re telling yourself which are holding you back.

1: To a client that was saying they “couldn’t afford” to eat healthier, but drove a nice car and has all the latest ‘tech’:

“Are you telling me that you’re happy to reduce the quality, and potentially length, of yours and your children’s lives so you can drive a nicer car and have the latest iPhone?”.

2: To a member who was saying they “didn’t have time” for exercise and healthy eating, but regularly posts about the latest happenings in assorted TV programmes:

“On your death bed, which do you think you’ll regret more – that you spent your entire adult life unhappy with the way you looked and felt, or that you had to miss Breaking Bad”?

3: To a client who’s not drinking enough water because it makes them go to the toilet more:

“Which is worse – an extra couple of minutes a day on the toilet or 1,440 minutes a day of hating the way you look?”

All quite ‘full on’ statements, we’ll admit.

But definitely the right thing for those people at that particular point.

Since, all three have made changes for the better.

So, if you have stories in your head as to why you can’t do certain things (and we all do, ourselves included), then maybe a swift kick like this will help

Much love,

Jon ‘Tell myself stories that I’m not a good dad sometimes’ Hall and Matt ‘Find myself making crappy excuses’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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