I’ve talked before about how the words we use can drive our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

About how subtle changes to the way we describe things can have a disproportionately powerful effect.

A prime example of this is use of the word “treat”.

Because that’s often how we might describe foods that we might consider to be less healthy (but more tasty).

Essentially putting them on a pedestal as something better and more exciting than other food.

And, if that approach works for someone, then that’s cool.

But I would say a very high percentage of the people I’ve heard talk about treating themselves with food………

Haven’t been getting the results that they’d like.

A subtle change would be from thinking of “treats” to thinking about how we treat ourselves.

Changing the time scale of the treat.

Deciding that we treat ourselves well by looking after our body, energy levels and mood.

Just giving a sh*t about what we put in our bodies because of how it makes us look and feel.

Treating ourselves with love, care and respect.

Treating ourselves to more energy.

Treating ourselves to a better s*x life.

Treating ourselves to being able to do more fun stuff.

Treating ourselves to feeling happier.

That doesn’t mean we can’t ever have those higher calorie density foods.

But they’re just food that makes up part of a total and average.

We treat dogs with food, not ourselves.

We treat ourselves to things that actually make us feel much better.

Just on a different time frame.

Much love,

Jon ‘Williams’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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