Remember your first mobile phone?


A full charge lasted for days, didn’t it?


Mainly because we used them far less than we do now.


A full charge can be gone in hours between watching some videos, listening to music, sorting emails, checking Facey, etc, etc.


Maybe making the odd phone call 😉


There is, of course, a few ways we can maximise battery life, aren’t there?


Apart from using it less.


Turning off Bluetooth if you’re not using it is a good one.


Saves the phone using unnecessary processing power and charge.


And we can do similar things with our ‘mental battery’.


You ever noticed how much easier it is to make ‘better’ food, drink and exercise choices when it’s the weekend / day off / annual leave?


In the week the stresses and strains of life can leave us in a position where it’s very easy to ‘slip back into old habits’.


And sleep often suffers due to the dozens of things whizzing round our heads.


The following day’s tiredness then making it harder still to make the choices we want to make.


Now we can’t necessarily ‘get rid’ of these challenges.


Although sometimes we can.


But ‘getting them out of our head’ can often reduce that ‘whirring of the brain’ by just enough to make a difference.


Just dropping out mental power consumption by the, say 10-20% turning of Bluetooth does to our phone battery.


So both just about last as long as we need them.


Literally writing things down has been proven time and time again in studies to help make that difference.


Jotting the things in our head down on something as simple as a pen and paper before bed time.


One of the many things that most people will think “That’s a nice idea but I can’t see it making much difference”………


Without even trying it – or maybe just once or twice.


I like to put stuff in the notes on my phone which synchronises with my iPad and computer.


I’ve just moved to a new app called Google Keep.


I generally have at least 100 things on there – currerntly over 500.


In different categories so I can do similar things together.


Blog ideas, stuff to do on a computer, stuff to do in the club, stuff to do while shopping, stuff to do while at home, etc.


With date or locations reminders and due dates for stuff that is time specific.


## Location reminders are brilliant BTW – it reminds me of stuff to do when I get home, when I’m in Tesco, as I’m dropping the boys at school, etc ##


Once it’s in my ‘system’ I can make a concerted effort to not think about it until the system tells me I need to.


Sometimes stuff pops back into my head.


But there’s definitely less than the hundreds of things in there that there could be.


Try it.


Turn your Bluetooth off.


Get thing out of your head.


And see how it helps everything else 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘Greycloak’ Hall and Matt ‘Forkbeard’ Nicholson


P.S. Pretty tricky middle names there. 2 points without googling.


P.P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were famous Donalds 🙂


P.P.S. As always, check if you haven’t already and like the sound of a way of doing things that isn’t just “work harder”.




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