So, I came to a realisation yesterday.


Usain Bolt absolutey sucks at breaking the 100m world record.


Despite having run that distance hundreds and hundreds of times in competitions……….


He has only broken the world record three times.


That is hundreds and hundreds of failures.


Include practice runs and I bet he has failed to break the record many thousands of times over course of his life.


I bet I have only failed to break the 100m world record maybe 30 to 40 times.


What a chump old Bolty is!




Now this, of course, comes down to what you define as success.


Because, really success and failure are what we decide them to be.


And it’s sometimes easy to attach the wrong ‘definition’.


One that won’t help us reach our overall goal.


People sometimes say they feel they have failed in a workout.


Not being able to do as much as someone else, or as much as you’d like in an ideal world, is only failure if you choose it to be.


In my mind, the only way you can fail at a workout is by not doing it.


Success is making the workout.


And if you genuinely can’t make it for some reason, that’s just a deferred opportunity for success.


You can only fail at eating healthy (and then chose to ‘write off’ the rest of the day / week / month) if you chose to define it that way.


Aim high of course.


Give it your best.


Do what you can with the healthy eating, the exercise, the hydration, sleep, stress management, etc.


Aim for overall progress, of course.


But remember that improvement isn’t always a ‘straight line’.


It’s inconsistent.


Up and down.


But as long as the overall direction is positive.


That will get you there 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Just realised I’ve failed to break the world record less than any athlete’ Hall and Matt ‘Was actually pretty good at 100m’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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