One of the systems we recommend to aid healthy eating is what we call ‘Get up and cook’.


It’s something I do pretty much every day.


First thing I do when the alarm goes is head downstairs and pop something onto cook.


Something for breakfast of lunch or (usually) both.


Something that doesn’t require constant watching.


Such as whacking a load of meat in the oven.


Or some stuff in the microwave.


Or something on a low heat.


Usually stuff that I got out of the freezer and left on the side the night before.


Then by the time I’ve made myself look beautiful and sorted the kids, it’s usually ready.


Total actual prep time about 2 minutes.


I’ve done this for a long time.


And for a long time.


And for a long time I popped the meat on a foil covered drill tray.


Which was fine.


But I was never very good at washing it and replacing the foil every time.


So it ended up somewhat odorous after a while.


When I first started seeing her, my girlfriend Alex, she often mentioned that a better way to do it would be in an oven proof dish that would just then need popping in the dishwasher.


As I often do, I ignored her.


Didn’t particularly disagree, just didn’t really see the need for change.


Or possibly couldn’t be bothered.


She gets a rough ride, it must be said.


Poor girl!


When we moved in together she made it very clear she didn’t like the smelly grill pan.


So I gave the oven proof dish a go.


And, what do you know, it was much less smelly AND easier.


We all do this from time to time.


Realise we’ve been doing something ‘wrong’ for no real reason.


Other than ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’.


We change the way we eat and our lifestyle and find it was nowhere near as hard as we thought.


We install black out blinds and cover up LEDs and other light sources in our bedrooms when it was pretty obvious that could only help with bad sleep.


We finally stop hanging out with that person who’s drags us down but we’ve continued to associate with for years.


We realise that not investing a little extra time and cash in your current and future health and happiness is a ‘false economy’.


We realise that years of choosing to spend our time on TV, Facebook, games on your phone / tablet and so on whilst saying we “don’t have time to eat healthily or exercise”, wasn’t a good choice.


You get the idea.


We all realise from time to time, that we’ve being making a mistake.


Hopefully some of the above suggestions will have helped you realise that you might be.


Or reinforced that you’ve made the right choices, if not.



Much love,


Jon ‘I put my foot down about a real Christmas Tree’ Hall and Matt ‘Can’t crack eggs properly early in the morning’ Nicholson

Using the grill pan was an error Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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