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Those of you who are Facebook friends of mine may have seen that my middle son Jamie was recently made House Captain at his school.

Following in the footsteps of his big bro who did the same three years ago.

And then became the first Chatsworth House Captain to lift the Sports Days trophy in 14 years in what was the perfect ending to Primary School (and made me cry like a baby at the time and is putting a lump in my throat right now).

I have fingers crossed for the same for Jamie next summer.

Jamie getting House Captain was a relatively easy prospect to be honest.

It’s a small school and there are four houses with two captains for each (traditionally a boy and girl but that’s changed this last year).

The other kids in his year and house weren’t particularly interested in being House Captain as far as I could see and his was the only written application received.

And, I’ll be honest, he’s a favourite of the P.E. Teacher who’s choice it is.

Oli getting House Captain was more difficult.

Both he and his best mate were up for it and both wanted it.

He spent a long time on his application.

And the teacher asks the other kids for votes and takes that into consideration.

So Jamie spent the preceding week going round everyone in Chatsworth House asking them to “Vote Oli”.

Like a young Napoleon Dynamite (dated reference alert).

You don’t really need to know any of this, I’ll be honest.

I just know that if I send the nuts and bolts of what I’m wanting to talk about out on an email, then few people will read it.

And less still will do anything with is.

Tie it up in a story and there’s a much better chance of both happening.

I wanted a way to talk about voting.

Because, without realising it, we vote all the time.

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s tempting to think that each individual decision isn’t important.

That it’s “just one”.

But each decision is also a vote.

A vote for the kind of person we see ourselves as.

And the kind of person we see ourselves becoming.

Each vote shaping future decisions.

Changing the likelihood of them going different ways.

Each time we make a certain decision, making it more likely we’ll make that same decision the next time.

In both directions.

Each time we miss a workout that we could’ve made makes it more likely that we’ll miss the next workout that we had planned.

And each time we made a workout we we’re considering skipping makes it more likely that we’ll make the next workout that we don’t really feel like.

Each time we change our plan because someone peer pressures us into something makes it more likely that both they, and we, will do the same next time.

And each time we stick to the plan when someone tries to peer pressure us makes it less likely that they’ll try again and that we’ll change our plans if they do.

Each time we don’t do what we told ourselves we would is a vote for us being and becoming that kind of person.

Each time we keep our word to ourselves is a vote in the other direction.

And so on.

Each decision isn’t just that decision.

It’s a vote for us being and becoming the kind of person that makes those decisions.

And, if you want to start making changes to the person you are and that you’ll become, there’s no better next step to that than clicking this link –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply

It doesn’t mean we have to make the ‘perfect’ decision every time.

It’s what we’re voting for that’s key.

A vote for ourselves being the kind of person that has a fun and enjoyable social life but averages out across the week………….


A vote for us being the kind of person that says we’re going to do one thing and then does another.

And never forget that, like in any democracy, the one with the most votes wins!

Much love,

Jon ‘Pedro’ Hall


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