We all have peer pressure [“You’re no fun anymore”]

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I was chatting to a couple of members after a session the other week.

And they told me how they’d been struggling with other people.

Doing what you could call ‘flabotaging’ them.

You know the type.

“Stop being so boring and have a biscuit”

“You’re making me feel bad”

“You’re no fun anymore”

All with a view to making you eat and or drink something.

To make themselves feel better about their similar choice(s).

The members I was talking to referenced “peer pressure”.

And how they thought they should avoid it.

Which I get.

But, ultimately, that’s probably not going to happen.

We’ll always have ‘peers’.

“A person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person”

Short of never seeing anyone again, we’ll always have others in what we consider to be our ‘peer group’.

What, perhaps, could change, is two things:

1. How much we ‘enable’ our peers to pressure us.

If we constantly say “No” nine times and then a “Yes”………….

We’re just teaching people to ask ten times.

If we’re consistent with what we say and do, all those comments quickly dry up.

Doesn’t mean we can never have those things.

But we can be consistent with doing what we’ve said we will once we’ve said it.

2. Adjust the average of our ‘peer groups’

Part of the reason that our members get such good results is that ‘collective momentum’.

When you’ve suddenly got in your life more people who are eating better and exercising regularly…………

It’s easy to just get dragged along with that.

That doesn’t mean we can never see the ‘flabotagers’ again.

But, adding in (or re-engaging with) a group that shifts the average of all our ‘peer groups’ can be powerful.

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Ultimately, we’ll always have peer pressure.

All we can do is change the average of that pressure and how we respond to it.

Much love,

Jon ‘reviewed’ Hall

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