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The other week my youngest son asked if we could make some marble run.

We did a lot of it during the first lockdown when we spent four months straight coming up with things to do.

Not so much recently.

We have three different sets – small, medium and large.

I’d finished a run with the small set when I noticed something.

I always put the same piece on top.

The red one you can see in the blog image.

It gets the ball going.

Puts some momentum in straight away.

Allows the marble to get through some of the other, slower ones, where it might become ‘stuck’ otherwise.

The quick, momentum building start crucial to getting all the way to the desired outcome.

As it is in many things in life.

Our health / fitness / weight loss journeys included.

People will often tell you that “you’re best to lose weight slowly”.

And I get what they’re saying.

Something quick and drastic then returning quickly to old habits (and then some) probably isn’t the best idea.

But relatively quick initial progress……..

To create buy-in to and enthusiasm for the process……..

Followed by transition into something more long term?

Actually has the highest success rate in studies.

That initial momentum gets us past those potential sticking points.

Lose a couple of pounds in each of weeks one and two then nothing in week three…….

And we’ll probably stick with it.

Lose half a pound each in weeks one and two and nothing in week three……..

And we probably won’t.

I often compare calorie intake for weigh loss to limbo dancing.

As low as you can go without falling over gets the best results!

Much love,

Jon ‘Effect’ Hall

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