Going through the application forms for our current ’28 Day Body Transformation’ the other week I noticed a definite pattern.


Every one of them talked of their loss of motivation with previous attempts to lose weight, get healthy, etc.


In fact, I’d say pretty much everyone we’ve ever worked with tells a similar story.


And how they hope working with us will get them motivated again.


I’ll always tell these people that we’re not interested in motivating them long term.


Motivaiton is a fintite resource.


It will run out eventually.


We’re taught to go at things using motivation and ‘will power’.


That mind set is limiting as anything that requires will power will be interpreted in our minds as something we don’t want to do.


Something we’re having to make ourselves do.


We’re more about helping people change their thought processes, their habits, their relationship with food and self limiting beliefs so that what they need to do just becomes their new lifestyle.


There’s no making yourself “stick to it”.


It’s just what you do.


I the same way you don’t have to “make yourself” go to work, meet up with friends, watch your favourite TV shows, etc.


They’re just habits you’ve developed.


So remember, if you’re still trying to use motivation and ‘will power’, you’ll get much more success from working on changing your habits and thinking.


I’ll share with you tomorrow how I used a new tooth brush and a metal rack to create new habits where ‘trying harder’ wasn’t working.


Much love,



Jon “Skill -Power, not Will-Power” Hall


P.S. We’ve started recordings for the podcast. Let us know at myrise.co.uk/podcast if there’s anything you’d like us to cover.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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