We don’t even realise that is an invitation [Let alone that we can say say no to it]

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When was the last time you explained (to yourself or others) your current emotional state (angry, annoyed, disappointed, stressed, etc)………….

By using the actions (or inactions) of others?

You know – “I’m annoyed because of what XYZ did at work”.

“I’ve been in a bad mood all day because of what ABC said / did”.

That kinda thing.

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

And the same is true of any feeling.

Other people’s actions are just an invitation to feel a certain way.

And there’s nothing wrong with accepting that invitation.

Nothing wrong with choosing to feel angry, disappointed, etc.

That’s our right.

But when we don’t even realise that it’s an invitation………..

Let alone that we can say “No” to it……………

We’re taking away our own power.

Recognising anything and everything as just that…………

As an invitation to feel or respond a certain way………..

And not just as an automatic reaction we have no control over……….

Puts us in that position of power to change how we respond………..

And the results that brings to our lives 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘FDR’ Hall

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