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I had a slightly morbid thought the other day.

I wondered if I’d passed the half way point of an average life expectancy.

So I googled it.

I have.

October 5th last year it seems.

When I reached the half way point of the current UK average life expectancy of 81.26.

I thought I’d see how many minutes that turned out to be.

You’ve probably gathered from the title of the blog that it’s about 2.5 billion.

Quite a lot isn’t it?

Puts the odd one here and there into context doesn’t it?

That extra minute or two that it might take to make a “better” food choice.

If that – we could just have a smaller portion which takes less time.

Or the 5 to 45 minutes a few times a week to exercise.

Once we stop kidding ourselves that “there’s no point exercising for 5 minutes.

Because that’s what we often really mean.

When we don’t feel we can justify the time to do the perfect version………..

We don’t even do the “good enough” version that takes much less time.

But, by doing that quicker version…………

We build momentum.

It stops being that “I’ve stopped and need to start again” conversation in our heads.

And becomes more of a “slow down and speed up as circumstance dictates” one.

Depending on our age, most people reading this will have between a quarter of a billion and two billion minutes left.

More than enough to move in the direction we want 🙂

And, all else being equal, probably add a load more minutes on the other end.

Much love,

Jon ‘Joe P Guinn’ Hall

P.S. No one is getting that middle name, so I’ll tell you. According to google, 2564370576 is the secondary phone number of Joe P Guinn in Hollywood.

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