I talked yesterday about our ‘peer group’.

Something we often underestimate the impact of.

We like to think we just make our own choices.

But the reality is that those choices are, at least, ‘guided’ by many factors.

Things that make it more or less likely we’ll make certain choices.

Now, more than ever, we have lots of peer groups.

Lots of groups of people that we could consider we’re part of.

Groups of people who, without realising, we are willing to adapt our behaviour to fit in with.

We have the obvious groups that have always been there.




Since the advent of social media (well, mobile phones really) we probably have more groups of friends than in generations gone by.

We stay in contact with school, college or Uni friends more.

We have online only friends.

People we spend time with at various activities we do.

All shaping our behaviour to some degree.

Some say “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

Whilst I’m not sure I fully buy that, recognising our peer groups and how they shape our behaviour is powerful.

If the results we want are to the east of us………..

And the people we spend time with are mostly to the west of us……..

We’re just looking west.

And we’ll go where we’re looking.

Wanting to move east whilst looking west is hard.

This doesn’t mean we need to stop seeing those people who are to the west of us in those respects …..

Just maybe add more in who’ll change the way we’re ‘looking’.

You want to exercise regularly?

Spend time with people who exercise regularly.

You want to eat well?

Spend time with people who eat well.

Whatever the thing we want to do more of……….

If we don’t have enough people in our lives who are to the east of us, in that respect……….

We’ll end up ‘looking west’.

And we’ll go in the direction we’re looking.

Much love,

Jon ‘King Of Wishful Thinking’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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