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I mentioned an ad I’d seen from a local facility in one of last week’s blogs.


About what they do not being a “transformation”.


###### And, therefore, being a minimal, or temporary change 😉 #########


Got quite a few replies from you lovely folk.


Many pointing out other phraseology that they’d seen that’s, kinda, the opposite to what we talk about.


A few pointed out that they’d seen a lot of talk of “optimising your training and nutrition”.


Which is definitely not my cup of tea (coffee actually).


Better nutrition, sure.


The best ROI from training for time, effort and enjoyment levels, definitely.


But ‘optimal’ training and nutrition?


No thanks.


That’s what athletes do.


To get the very best results.


Training two or three times a day.


Pretty boring meals.


No alcohol.


I’ve been doing this 16 1/2 years and in not one single week of that has my training or nutrition been optimal.


It’s been pretty good like.


I’ve been happy with the results.


But they would’ve been better with more optimal training and nutrition, of course.


But that’s never quite seemed worth it to me.


And I don’t think it is for most people that come to us.


Three to five 45 minute sessions per week.


Eating pretty well most of the time but still having desserts, alcohol, nights out, etc.


Nothing ‘banned’.


Just a balance that takes us in the right direction.


Still plenty of time for family and friends.


A body that we’re pretty happy with (or in the process of getting happier with) the look and feel of (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if that’s what you, or a friend, are after).


Or living in a gym and dropping loads of stuff we enjoy to be that extra bit leaner, stronger or faster?


We can do that for you if that’s what you want?


But I’m guessing it’s probably not?


I know it isn’t for me 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Opt In’ Hall and Matt ‘Out, shake it all about’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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