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Dateline: May 6th 1954


Roger Bannister breaks the 4 minute mile


In the 1940s the record for the running a mile stood steadfast at 4 minutes and 1 second.


Most experts agreed that going sub four minutes was beyond the physical limitations of humans and would never be broken.


46 days later a second person (Jim Landry) went sub four minutes.


By 1960 another twenty men joined the sub four minute club and, to date, over 1,000 other people have gone sub four mintues.


Similarly, in 1981 Bill Kazimier became the first man to perform a 300 kilo bench press after decades of that been seen as an impossible barrier.


Within weeks, three others had passed 300kgs and the record currently stands at 500kgs.




The purpose of these examples is to point out the power of self limiting beliefs.


The old adage goes – whether you think that you can or think that you can’t, you’re probably right.


The human minds’ focus is generally quite narrow and needs to be changed to allow other options.


As I mentioned yesterday, we often think in black or white.


I can or I can’t do something.


People often say when we first meet them things like “I can’t have breakfast – I don’t have time”.


“I don’t have energy for exercise after work”


“I can’t eat …..”


“I can’t cook ……”


In reality we are all capable of pretty much anything.


I sometimes say I can’t sing or dance.


I catch myself and correct it to “I’m a terrible singer and dancer”.


I can do it – just not well.


We can all have breakfast, make ourselves exercise, eat anything or cook anything.


Just maybe not very well.


But when we accept we can do it, it’s just a case then of practicing yourself better.


I’m sure I could become a better singer or dancer with practice and lessons.


I probably won’t though as I’m not that bothered.


But, if there’s anything you think you can’t do that’s stopping you, ask yourself if you truly can’t do it, or if it’s a case of not knowing how best to do it or finding it difficult.


If someone had a gun to your head, could you do it.


If the answer is yes, then practice will make perfect.


Start doing it badly and you’ll get better with time.




Much love,


Jon ‘Truly terrible dancer’ Hall and Matt ‘Not much better’ Nicholson



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